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Shrink Wrapping Equipment

Shrink wrapping is a highly effective and efficient packaging solution used by various industries worldwide. There are various types of shrink wrappers available to cater to different types of products. We offer a wide array of wrappers including L-bar sealers, side sealers, sleeve wrappers, bundlers, and shrink tunnels, along with their benefits.

  • Improve product visibility and marketability
  • Protects products from moisture, dust, and other external elements
  • Provides a tamper-evident seal to prevent product tampering
  • Offers a cost-effective packaging solution compared to other packaging methods
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What We Offer

These machines help to protect products from damage during shipping and handling, provide a professional finish to the packaging, and reduce the amount of packaging material required.

sw l sealer

L-bar sealers:

L-bar sealers are machines that use a heated sealing bar to create a seal around the edges of a product. These machines are ideal for wrapping individual products or small batches. L-bar sealers can be used with a variety of films, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC. The benefit of using L-bar sealers is that they provide a clean and professional finish to the packaging. This ensures that the product looks attractive to the consumer and helps to increase sales.

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Side sealers:

Side sealers are similar to L-bar sealers but are designed to wrap longer products. These machines use a continuous roll of film and seal the edges of the film together to create a bag around the product. Side sealers are commonly used for wrapping items such as books, magazines, and DVDs. The benefit of using side sealers is that they are fast and efficient, making them ideal for high volume production.

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Sleeve wrappers:

Sleeve wrappers are machines that wrap products in a film that is open on both ends. The film is then sealed at both ends to create a tight fit around the product. Sleeve wrappers are commonly used for wrapping bottles, cans, and other cylindrical products. The benefit of using sleeve wrappers is that they provide a tamper-evident seal that protects the product from contamination.

sw shrink tunnel

Shrink tunnels:

Shrink tunnels are machines that use heat to shrink the film tightly around the product. These machines are used in conjunction with L-bar sealers, side sealers, sleeve wrappers, and bundlers. The benefit of using shrink tunnels is that they provide a secure and tight fit around the product, which helps to protect it during shipping and handling.

A Team of Experts

Continental Companies provides a valuable service by matching the right shrink wrapping equipment with the right materials to meet the specific needs of their clients. By utilizing their expertise, businesses can ensure that their products are properly protected during shipping and handling, have an attractive and professional appearance, and reduce packaging costs. Continental Companies' commitment to providing customized solutions and exceptional customer service allows businesses to improve their efficiency and ultimately increase their bottom line.

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