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A Full Line of Products to Support Manufacturer's Packaging Needs

From stretch and shrink film to corner boards and dunnage bags, we offer a comprehensive range of packaging solutions to keep your products secure and protected during transit. Our machine grade stretch film and hand use stretch film are engineered for consistent performance.

For eye-catching displays, our point of purchase shrink film and specialty films are the perfect solution. Our bundling film provides a versatile and cost-effective option for securing products together. Our corner boards and dunnage bags offer excellent protection and support for your products during transport and handling. And with a variety of different tapes to choose from, we have the perfect solution for all of your carton sealing and masking needs. Partner with us for all your packaging needs and rest assured your products are in good hands.

We offer a complete solution for all your needs. We provide everything you need to succeed, from high-quality products to expert advice, fast and reliable shipping, and exceptional customer service.


Stretch and Bundling Films

A full line of film products. From stretch wrap to printed shrink wrap, Continental has a full line of services and products to make sure your products get to where they are going without damage.

Stretch Films

Machine Films

Our machine grade stretch film is perfect for high-volume packaging operations that require a consistent and reliable stretch film. This film is engineered to perform flawlessly with automated stretch wrappers.

Stretch Films

Prestretched Film

This film is pre-stretched during the manufacturing process, reducing the amount of force required to wrap your products.

Stretch Films

Hand Film

Our hand use stretch film is an economical and versatile option for smaller-scale packaging operations. This film is easy to apply by hand and provides excellent stretch.

For Retail Packages

P.O.P. Shrink Films

Our point of purchase shrink film is designed to create eye-catching displays that showcase your products. This film shrinks tightly around your products.

Mass Retail

Bundling Films

Our bundling film is a versatile and economical option for securing products together. This film is easy to apply and provides excellent holding power.

For every Occasion

Other Films

We offer a variety of specialty films to meet the unique packaging requirements of different products. From anti-static films to VCI films, we have the expertise and resources to help you.

Palletizing Products

Protecting your pallet is one of the most important steps in logistics. We're here to supply the best materials, from the best suppliers right on time.

A Better Pallet

Slip Sheets

We offer both new and reconditioned slip sheets. Push/Pull slip sheets are a lighter, less expensive, and more efficient alternative to the wood pallets they replace.

Pallet Protection

Tier Sheets

We offer both new and reconditioned tier sheets. Tier sheets are thin, flat sheets of material that are used to separate layers of products on a pallet.

Pallet Protection

Other Products

Protect your products during transport with our supply of pallet protection products, from dunnage bags to corner boards, we supply a variety of useful high-quality products.

Other Packaging Products

On top of wrapping your products and pallets, we offer a line to seal and secure your goods.

Automation Friendly


We offer a variety of different tapes to meet the specific needs of different packaging applications. From carton sealing tape to masking tape, we have the perfect tape for your specific requirements.

Automation Friendly


We offer a variety of twine.

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